New Concept – the Aquarium in Constanta (Romania)

26 05 2011

Well hello everyone!

Quite a lot going on these past few weeks. Well today I had a little spare time and decided to browse the news and came across this. They’re going to build a new aquarium complex in Constanta. I remember when I was very young I was fascinated by the dolphins and their shows, and the penguins with their funny walking and, of course, the planetarium – it was non-digital and you needed a person with special qualifications to operate it and explain, but it was just awesome. Well for a little kid anything remotely scientific was awesome! 🙂

So they have big plans for the old place of the dolphins and the old planetarium…so, let’s see 🙂

The future aquarium (and dolphin “house”) of Constanta (Romania) may become one of my country’s most spectacular tourist attractions. According to the concept released to the media this week it will boast a futuristic main building and ultra-modern and sophisticated facilities, determined to put Romania on the map of European modern architecture.

The new attraction will not only have an aquarium, it will actually be a complete tourist centre with loads of complementary activities. The complex will house a museum building, a botanical garden and several other pavilions – greenhouses, an observatory and various shelters and enclosures for the animals.

As advertised by the project designers the main attraction of the new complex will be the aquarium, the dolphin “house”, the orca “house”, the tropical greenhouse, the enclosures for penguins and seals, the 3D planetarium, the observatory and the other greenhouses.

The Aquarium

The aquarium will have 3 levels and will house 9 basins, each with a different theme inspired by various geographical areas, the main buzz being around the Oceanarium. The dolphin “house” will include a pool for shows and demonstrations (which can hold 4 dolphins), special birth pools, quarantine and rest pools and, as a complete novelty for Romania, a pool for dolphin therapy.

Besides the dolphins the complex will house orca whales. For this a special basin will be constructed – very wide, 30m deep – in the western part of the complex.

Other Attractions

The planetarium and its 3D cinema and the conference hall will be able to operate independently from the main complex with its own timetable and access area, including a lobby and other facilities.

The complex will also house a number of differently themed greenhouses and a shop with apartment plants. The greenhouses will also act as small laboratories for passionate visitors.

The observatory will be built in the middle of the botanical garden, therefore it will be available for visitors independently from the main aquarium complex.

The architectural firm that designed this project is Syaa and you can find more about this and other projects (and also all these and other photographs) here.

So cool !!! 😀



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